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All consultation and admission steps are free of charge from the above universities and there is no remuneration for admission, and Arasi Consultancy SDN.BHD is a step-by-step guide to your visa process. For official and direct representation of colleges and universities around the world with the Arasi Consultancy SDN.BHD, please click on the list of universities and then click on the continent and the corresponding universities and universities on the map again.

List of Universities

Admission to international schools

Advice and free admission from the best international schools in the world from pre-school to postgraduate level, A-Level, Foundation and pre-university courses with varying facilities and costs. For more information, click on the link below.


Getting a scholarship of 30% to 75% of the total tuition for all levels of study in different fields from elementary courses to Ph.D. degrees in countries around the world. For more information, click on the link below.

Work and study simultaneously

Limited educational courses along with guaranteed part-time work while studying in continental Europe and Asia, click on the link below for more information.

Education in medicine

Counseling and admission in medical, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, medical education and prerequisites at Iranian Universities approved by the Ministry of Health. For more information, click on the link below.

Introduction of the Institute

Arasi Consultancy SDN.BHD

The main topic of immigration through the different stages of the initial, expert and precise consultation is not to the general circumstances of each applicant, which is not the same for everyone, and this requires consultation with well-known and well-known persons in this field who are losing their losses. Do not experience heavy money. Unfortunately, in many cases, without undergoing an expert review of the case file, the applicant has gone to bed and suffered most of the heavy financial losses, and it is not time to compensate for the financial cost, and this is more important than anything else.

The Arasi Consulate SDN.BHD Institute, considering the sensitivity of this issue to accept each case, first provides the most suitable option and special offer to the applicant after the examination by the advisors and the precise worker, and then the case is referred to senior experts. The final decision to file a case will ultimately be taken and, given the expiration of the time available for review and acceptance of the applicant’s requirements for the selection and final proposal of this principle, priority is given to the applicant in any sense without losing the costs of thinking Trusted and aware of the knowledge and awareness of submitting your case to our institution Let me know.

It is worth noting that Arasi Consultancy SDN.BHD is the official representative of more than 300 universities and colleges in the world, so it does not receive any fees for consulting services, admission and visa procedures, and all the process from beginning to end The end is for free.

Introduction of Covered Universities

Arasi Consultancy SDN.BHD

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Which universities cost less?

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